The Romsey War Horse Memorial Sculpture

Making War Horse Movie

Filmed and edited by Paul French,,

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    Romsey War Horse Memorial Sculpture - Evolution

    This film follows Amy as she starts to work on the sculpture from the original drawing through to the arrival of the armature at her studio, adding the clay and working to create the sculpture.


    Views from some of the Committee

    The whole project has taken more than four years from start to finish and was only possible with the support of a very strong and devoted committee, led throughout by Dorothy Baverstock, a Local Councillor with Romsey Town Council and Test Valley Borough Council and Romsey Town Mayor (2015).


    Romsey and the Remount Service - Phoebe Merrick

    Phoebe Merrick, a local historian, describes the story of the relationship between Romsey and the Remount Station located near the town during the Great War.


    Amy presents to the fund raising dinner

    Another short talk by Amy, this time at a fund raising dinner, describing the evolution process as it reaches the final stages and looking forward to the unveiling.

    Amy’s talk at King John’s House

    There were many talks and presentations made during the period to both help with the fund raising and also to keep those who had given money up to date with the project and the evolution phases of the sculpture.


    St Edwards School Great War Room

    St Edward’s School is situated just outside Romsey, it contains a small museum of artefacts, militaria and memorabilia from the First World War.


    Remembrance - Maj Gen Patrick Cordingley

    An illustrated talk given at the Romsey School describing the various locations, installations and monuments where the Great War has been remembered.


    Making War Horse Movie