The Romsey War Horse Memorial Sculpture

The Romsey War Horse Memorial Sculpture


This series of seven short films has been independently produced by Paul French with the active support of Amy Goodman, the sculptor, and the Romsey War Horse Memorial Sculpture Committee, over almost a two-year period. 

Filming was started in March 2014 with the arrival of the Armature at Amy’s studio in Hampshire, thereafter it entailed regular visits to her studio to capture a digital record showing the evolution of the Romsey War Horse memorial sculpture.

Over the period a total of about 40 hours of video and nearly 10,000 photographs detailing the progress of the work by Amy were captured. 

Many of the photographs have been taken by Amy herself from the outset as she worked on the project, we have also been given a number of photographs taken during the project by other people that are included within the archive.

There were a number of fund raising events during this time associated with the project, some were filmed as they were being presented and are included in this selection. It must be said that the video quality of these presentations is not the best due to the location conditions, but have been included as the content is certainly of interest and directly relevant to the project.

However, the film of St. Edward’s School Great War Room has been included not because it directly refers to the War Horse project but because of it’s interest and general relevance to the subject matter